This year has been incredibly exciting for GoodSAM as we continue to scale our lifesaving community. As 2018 draws to a close, we wanted to share some of our highlights – and also give you a sneak peek of what’s planned next…

Welcoming our 2018 Ambulance Service Partners!

This year many more organisations have joined up with GoodSAM. These include both voluntary organisations such as the Royal Life Saving Society and Ambulance Services including:

Ambulance Victoria: Back in May, we teamed up with Ambulance Victoria to bring our live saving system to the state of Victoria in Australia. Thousands of Victorian Responders have joined us over the year, with strategic partnerships formed with Surf Life Saving, St John Ambulance Victoria, County Fire Authority and the Volunteer Coastguard.

Welsh Ambulance Service: In November, we went live with the Welsh Ambulance Service (WAS) with 2 ROSCs from GoodSAM alerts in the first weekend. With around 35 alerts generated by WAS every day and thousands of Responders signed up in Wales, we are looking forward to growing both the Responder network and the AED Registry across the region even further!

GoodSAM 2018 in Numbers

We are incredibly proud of grateful to the GoodSAM community who have volunteered hundreds of thousands of hours in sharing their skills in providing critical care in the minutes before Ambulance arrival.  Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve achieved this year; but with your help we can make 2019 even more successful:

  • 7,825 alerts accepted by Responders.
  • 42,894 Responders live globally.
  • Over 40,000 verified AEDs on the PAD Registry & many thousands more on the mobile AED registry,

Thanks to you, the GoodSAM community, there are now many survivors – too many to list here but there are plenty of media stories:

Services coming on board in 2019

Most Services across the UK are integrated or are integrating – We’re delighted that UK Ambulance partners including South East Coast Ambulance Service, East of England Ambulance Service, North East Ambulance Service, Northern Ireland Ambulance Service and Scottish Ambulance Service are working with us to come on board next year.

Cutting Edge Innovation and Technical Development

Our Tech team have been busy working to bring even more advanced solutions to support emergency care – from rapid AED delivery to cutting edge video, we are continuing to innovate with partners across the world. Our latest update enhances alerting even to those who have accidentally forgotten to have the app running in the background of their phone – massively increasing alert rates. Here are just a few examples of the big innovations– stay tuned in 2019 for even more developments!


Video offers the opportunity to transform patient care and dispatch. This year, with Kent, Surrey and Sussex and Great North Air Ambulance, we launched our ‘Instant on Scene’ video tool. The system gives the emergency services the ability to see patients and scene by sending a simple text message to the caller’s phone which opens their camera – with no app required.

Vital Signs

The ‘Instant on Scene’ system has also incorporated technology which can measure a patient’s pulse – just from the video stream! What’s more, this feature can measure multiple patients at any one time!

World’s Largest AED Registry

#defibforSAM Campaign

Our #defibforSAM campaign added thousands more AEDs this year, maintaining GoodSAM as the UK’s and World’s largest AED Registry.

As a result, our community has now amassed over 40,000 AEDs worldwide – all of which have been verified and locations made available through the GoodSAM apps. We sync and share AED data with all of our Ambulance Service partners to support AED retrieval when its most needed… but this year, we have gone even further!

Remember if you spot an AED – see it, snap it, map it!

World’s First Mobile AED Registry

We all know AEDs on their own don’t save lives – but people with AEDs do! Our partnership with London Ambulance Service has enabled London Taxi Drivers like Paul, to carry AEDs in their vehicles and be alerted to respond to cardiac arrests around them. For the first time, Responders can now indicate they have an AED with them through their app. They are then displayed as Mobile AED Responders.

Recognition in 2018

 GoodSAM joins European Emergency Number Association

In 2019, we will go live with new Emergency Services in Europe who are trialling both our video and cardiac tools. To mark our European engagement, GoodSAM has been nominated for the 2019 European 112 Awards. This Award recognises East Midlands Ambulance Service, who by partnering with GoodSAM, have gone beyond the expected to improve public outcomes and use of technology for good.

Who Cares Wins Award Winner – Innovation of the Year for NHS

Meet Lynn and Matt – they both picked up The Sun’s ‘Who Cares Wins Award’ on behalf of GoodSAM. Matt, a GoodSAM Responder, was alerted by East Midlands Ambulance Service to provide life saving CPR to Lynn. The Innovation of the Year for the NHS Award recognises the contribution of the many GoodSAM Responders who share their skills every day.

Calling Emergency Services and Beyond

GoodSAM is highly collaborative and we are always looking for ways to grow the platform and develop new ways of delivering better patient outcomes – from alerting and dispatch to AED delivery! We’ve worked with Emergency Services to build features which will save lives and are looking forward to the impact they will make in 2019. If your organisation would like to collaborate with us, please do get in touch with the team at

And finally…

Thank you so much for joining us. Every thing you do makes a difference! Please keep logged in and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to register and build our community across the world.

Remember, if you’re visiting loved ones this Christmas, download the Alerter App on their iOsandroid or windows phone and show them how it works.

Together, we really can save lives in 2019 and beyond…

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!