Hello to all the new GoodSAM Responders and Alerters who have joined our community! With so much going on we thought we’d send out a newsletter to keep you up-to-date on all that’s happening:

What’s new at GoodSAM HQ

EMAS leads GoodSAM Best Practice Event for Ambulance Services across the World!

DOGt2ciWsAIh5TpEarlier this month, we were joined by Ambulance Services all over the world to share best practice on implementing GoodSAM. Delegates from Brazil, Australia and New Zealand joined our Webinar with East Midlands Ambulance Service to learn how best to manage adoption and maximise the impact of the platform. Watch out for a host of other Ambulance Services integrating with us very soon!

GoodSAM poised to go live with even more Ambulance Services in the UK and Australia next year!                                                                                                                                                                        


GoodSAM has now been live with LAS for two years and EMAS for nearly six months – and we are rolling out across the UK with North West, North East and East of England Ambulance Services coming online very soon! Further integrations in Australia and New Zealand are also due to be announced shortly! We are extremely grateful to the GoodSAM community who have highlighted the project to their Services – let us know if we can help introduce it to your area!!!

Building partnerships at the Resuscitation UK Scientific Symposium

We are so gratefimage 3 replaceul to be endorsed by the UK Resuscitation Council and for the opportunity to speak at their Scientific Symposium this month. Hospitals, fire, police and other emergency services globally are joining GoodSAM as Verifying Organisations – it’s free and has many other uses including major incident management and comms with staff.  If your Organisation isn’t listed as a GoodSAM Verifying Organisation, contact your Resuscitation Officer or ask us for more information!

In the Community

Building the World’s Largest AED Registry
The GoodSAM Community has amassed an amazing 30,000 AEDs worldwide – all of which have been verified and locations made avaliable through the GoodSAM apps! We are currently working closely with Ambulance Victoria in Australia to to help them map the 40,000 AEDs not known about! Remember: If you spot an AED around you – remember to take a snap and map it using the apps!

aeds vic.PNG

Emergency Medical Care Response in Brazil

We are working with local volunteer fire and emergency services across the world to provide emergency medical care response. For example, we are really excited to be working with Bombeiros Voluntarios de Santa Caterina in Brazil on innovation which is really changing pre-hospital care globally!


GoodSAM for all!

Our amazing community has been growing rapidly over the last few months  – we are now operational in over 30 countries! We’ve been busy translating the GoodSAM apps into French, Spanish, German and Portuguese to reach even more people and continue our mission of harnessing technology to save lives!


In the Media 


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