EMASWe have partnered with a second UK ambulance service, East Midlands, to reduce death from life-threatening illnesses and injury, including cardiac arrest.  GoodSAM is revolutionising emergency response, with a further four UK Ambulances Services set  to adopt the platform in the coming months. With support from Nesta, it is anticipated that the platform will be UK wide by 2019.

Dr John Stephenson, Associate Medical Director at EMAS, said: “We respond to around 50 calls every day that are categorised as being immediately life threatening such as cardiac arrests.

“We have thousands of qualified people across the region; paramedics, police colleagues, nursing staff, etc; who would be willing to help someone but if they haven’t heard that shout for help they don’t know an emergency is happening nearby. GoodSAM allows us to make that shout for help louder.”

For every minute someone who is in cardiac arrest does not receive Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) or defibrillation, their chance of survival fall by 10%. When someone is in cardiac arrest seconds count, while the ambulance service may arrive within minutes it is vital to alert people with the right life support training skills who are in the immediate vicinity of the patient to start CPR until ambulance personnel arrive.

The Good Samaritan lifesaving community are of off-duty medical staff and people who are trained in  CPR. The app means they can now be automatically alerted directly to a nearby emergency when a 999 call is received by East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS). This means that when someone dials 999 and reports a patient as ‘not conscious and not breathing’, in addition to dispatching an ambulance, five nearby GoodSAM responders are also alerted.  Details of the nearest defibrillator (AED) are also provided to responders, through the app’s Defibrilocator – the world’s largest AED Registry. By arriving a few minutes before the ambulance and undertaking high quality resuscitation, survival from cardiac arrest is set to be transformed. The system does not replace the Ambulance Service, with an East Midlands Ambulance crew continuing to be dispatched in the usual way.


Commenting on the partnership, GoodSAM’s Technical Director and Co-Founder, Ali Ghorbangholi said: “There are first aid trained people all around us but usually the first they know of a neighbour having a cardiac arrest is an ambulance appearing in their street. If they had known and started CPR a few minutes prior to the ambulance arriving, chances of survival can be considerably increased. GoodSAM makes this possible, connecting those with the skills to the people in their minute of need.

“We are delighted that the East Midlands Ambulance Service has partnered with us and would urge other organisations and medically trained individuals around the world to continue to do so as well. Everyone who has a smartphone has a life-saving device in their pocket.  They just need to download the GoodSAM app in case they ever need to use it.”

EMAS is the first UK region outside of London to integrate with GoodSAM. The technology has been successfully integrated into the London Ambulance Service’s CAD) for over a year and a half and is being triggered 20-30 times a day. Several survivor stories of Londoners have emerged.   Thanks to funding from the Cabinet Office and Big Lottery Fund, GoodSAM continues to innovate and scale across the UK.

Both the GoodSam Alerter and Responder apps are available to download free for Android and iOS from iTunes and GooglePlay.