Thanks for being part of the GoodSAM community!

It’s been an incredible year with GoodSAM, being used in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, India, Brazil and across Europe!

Did you get alerted? Thank you for responding if you did! In London alone there have been over 10,000 activations!

Most of the ambulance services in the UK, and others around the world are now lined up to integrate next year so it’s very exciting times ahead.

And there are a host of new tools within GoodSAM Pro that will revolutionise pre-hospital CFR response! Do keep an eye out!

Please continue to encourage others to join. If you work in a hospital, please tell your Resus leads to get in touch. If you’re in the Police or Fire Service, can we get your service on board? – Please do tell those in charge about the platform!

And if visiting your folks this Christmas, please do download the alerter app on their phone. It can then alert their neighbours as well as dial the emergency services if needed.

Wishing everyone a peaceful Christmas and all the very best for 2017!

Mark and Ali
and the rest of the GoodSAM team.

GoodSAM Xmas