Two off duty Ambulance staff and St John Ambulance volunteers were able to help save the life of a martial arts enthusiast who suffered a cardiac arrest after they were alerted to the emergency by the GoodSAM App.

Rachel Love (an Incident Response Officer for London Ambulance Service) and Andrew Larby (a Paramedic with LAS) were running a training session for community first responders (CFRs) at Bromley ambulance station, when they were alerted to the cardiac arrest at a nearby church hall via GoodSAM.

Rachel and Andrew (1)

Rachel and Andrew

The pair rushed to the scene to find a 53-year-old man being given cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by another member of the taekwondo club. They used the automated external defibrillator (AED), which they had with them because of the training session, to deliver an electric shock to the man’s heart.

They then administered five more rounds of CPR which revived the casualty just as London Ambulance Service paramedics arrived at the scene.

“I couldn’t believe it when he started breathing again and said ‘I can see you’,” said Rachel.

Rachel, an incident response officer with London Ambulance Service, explained how a series of coincidences meant they were both in exactly the right place at the right time She explains: “The CFR training session was running late which was lucky because otherwise we wouldn’t have been nearby. Thankfully, we were close enough and had the right life-saving equipment to make a difference.’

The casualty was taken to hospital where he made a good recovery after undergoing angioplasty. He is returning to work in London this week.

Dr Mark Wilson, Medical Director of the GoodSAM app said: “This is a fantastic example of how GoodSAM technology can help save lives. There are thousands of first aid trained and off duty professionals who can know how to perform high quality CPR and use an AED.   The app simply connects these good Samaritans with members of the public in their minute of need.  If more people, both medically trained and not, downloaded GoodSAM we could have more outcomes like this.”

Anyone can download GoodSAM App free: